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Giving at Gateway

Posted by Jeremy Kughn on

As Christians one of the ways we worship God is to give of our resources to further the kingdom of God.  God commands those who belong to Him to give in may ways, one of which is monetarily.  As giving trends change in our culture every day most of us are used to living with plastic money rather than carrying a wallet full of cash anymore.  Almost every person in our society now takes advantage of automatic bill pay, electronic giving and debit cards.

At Gateway, we have prayerfully chosen to add the options we present for our members and anyone else to give financially to meet the needs of our community and world.  Whether it is a weekly general offering, a response to a local or regional disaster, or to support missions in helping to bring solutions to those who are hurting, we now present to you an option to give to help meet those needs.

In the upper right hand corner of our main page there is now an option to give.  By clicking on the word "giving", it will bring anyone who so desires to give, to a page that easily walks them through a secured process that allows them to give financially wherever God leads them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  Continue to pray for us as we always seek to discern how to be the best possible stewards of the finances God sends our way.