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Shower Procedures at Gateway

Posted by Jeremy Kughn on

Congregational Wedding Showers:

Presently, with no building and congregational services at BTW still unknown, we will recognize the couple during video services and continue to celebrate church hosted wedding showers in one of two ways.

- Online Shower with cards, gift cards and/or presents being sent directly to the chosen address of the recipients or

- If a member chooses to personally host the church shower in their own home.  The office should be alerted so that the invitation can be in the bulletin for several weeks and church wide announcements before the event.

If it is a private shower with just specific people invited, then invitations should be sent directly to those invitees and not put in the bulletin or church announcements.

Once we are back in a combined service, it may be possible that congregational  showers can be held at the existed office building, to be decided later.

Baby Blessing Days:

"Baby Blessing Day" to honor new parents will be held twice yearly, on the first Sunday in June and a first Sunday in December )based on the church calendar) or as near as possible to these two dates.

The activities planned for these "Baby Blessing Days" will include honoring the families of all babies born to current Gateway members.  They will be recognized in a video of their child(ten) and be given a Bible with an inscription.  Each child's name and their family will be listed on the video screen.  Once we are back at BTW, the parents and children will all be brought on stage to be recognized and prayed over.

With our lack of a permanent home, we will be unable to set-up the blessing baskets however, Gateway members will still have the opportunity to bless each family with cards, gift cards and presents that can be sent to the new babies at their homes.

For private baby showers, the invitations should be sent directly to those invitees and not put in the bulletin or church announcements.

Our Gateway Family continues to be challenged in this stressful period, but difficult challenges provide each of us a chance to stretch and grow known that our Lord is preparing an exciting and bright promise of things to come!