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    Sep 22, 2022

    All or Nothing

    All or Nothing

    Preacher: Jeremy Kughn

    Series: Give It Your All

    Category: Sermons


    How many times have you evaluated your own spiritual worth and had Revelation 3:15-16 run through your mind? Well, before you go and look it up, I guarantee you've thought it at some point in your spiritual journey, so here is a quick reminder in three words... "Hot. Cold. Lukewarm." You remember now right? Our overarching fear of belonging to the Lukewarm group has God literally "spewing" us out of His mouth. Expelled from the presence of the Lord in the most disgusting way possible and into the darkness where we more than likely belong!!! Well, take it easy on yourself. First off, let's attach some logic to this verse that's most often used out of context. Why would the God who is always willing to take us back undeservingly, be so quick to discard us? Is he cruel and only expects perfection? Join Jeremy today as we apply the true meaning of this verse. Sit back, take a load off... chances are you are about to be really relieved!