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Have you ever wondered where the "wonder" went?  In this new series, Jeremy Kughn and Seth Madaris discuss the wonder of God and what happens when we lose the wonder of our faith.  Join us.

More Than Words

More Than Words

Up Close

Up Close

Our children this spring are learning all about the book of John.  What most people consider to be the most intimate look at the life of Jesus, John shows the side of Jesus that so many long to know.  In this series we will walk through the book of John and look to be transformed into a likeness of Christ most of us have always hoped was possible.

Together we will cover his compassion, his love, his humanity, his peace and his joy.  Together we will be changed.


This Little Heart of Mine

This Little Heart of Mine

"Oh I just love them with all my heart!!!!"  Have you ever heard that phrase?  Chances are, you might have said that yourself.  The truth is that the heart is one of the most complex objects in all of scripture.  In fact, the heart is referenced over 1000 times in the bible.  ONE THOUSAND TIMES!!!!  And any time anything is referenced that many times... pay attention.  

The Bible teaches that from the heart you can tell the true values of a person.  The Bible teaches that the heart can be full of evil.  The Bible teaches that we should love God with ALL of our hearts.  The Bible teaches that we can actually fill our hearts with evil instead of good.  

In this new series, we will try and understand the complexities of the heart in order to evaluate how much our heart truly beats for Jesus.

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