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This Little Heart of Mine

This Little Heart of Mine

"Oh I just love them with all my heart!!!!"  Have you ever heard that phrase?  Chances are, you might have said that yourself.  The truth is that the heart is one of the most complex objects in all of scripture.  In fact, the heart is referenced over 1000 times in the bible.  ONE THOUSAND TIMES!!!!  And any time anything is referenced that many times... pay attention.  

The Bible teaches that from the heart you can tell the true values of a person.  The Bible teaches that the heart can be full of evil.  The Bible teaches that we should love God with ALL of our hearts.  The Bible teaches that we can actually fill our hearts with evil instead of good.  

In this new series, we will try and understand the complexities of the heart in order to evaluate how much our heart truly beats for Jesus.

Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures

For the members of Gateway this is an exciting and frightening time.  If you haven't heard, after much prayer we have agreed to sell our building and relocate.  This isn't anything really new to the Lord's Church.  Many of you have gone through this with other churches and hopefully you had a pleasant experience.  Sometimes, unfortunately this is not the case.  So for our members, this new series is a reminder of the purposes of the church.  It will reveal how in some cases satan infiltrates these times to wreak havoc on God's people.  We hope to honestly shed a great deal of light on those ways to avoid many of the same pitfalls others have endured.

For non-members of Gateway this is a beautiful reminder of God's true design for His Church.  As members of a revolutionary kingdom movement, we will search and reveal scriptures that proclaim the true essence of what the Bible calls "The Bride of Christ".  Join us and hopefully you will hear all about why we believe Gateway is poised to continue doing great things in the name of the Lord Jesus!

Beautiful Tension

Beautiful Tension

This Christmas Season we begin a new series called Beautiful Tension.  We know that Beautiful moments are often the results of tense situations.  This December we will focus on four of these tensions that become beautiful!  

Follow along with us as we journey together through different stories that offer a different perspective on the birth of Christ!



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