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365 Days of Christmas

365 Days of Christmas

Homecoming 2019

Homecoming 2019

What an incredible time we had at the Gateway Homecoming "If These Walls Could Talk" event October 12 & 13th, 2019! Memories, meals and so many stories were shared about good times and even hard times.  What a blessing it was to have former ministers and their families join us.  Among them were Eddie Levick, Buddy Bell, Chris Seidman, Danny Dodd, Jeremy Swindle, Sean White, Seth Madaris, and even the daughter of the late Bill Goree (Kay Goree Walker).

We interviewed all of them and most of those interviews and lessons were captured for your listening enjoyment.




Introducing our newest preaching series, "Reverse"! Most everyone knows what Jesus did... or do they?

Yes, he died for our sins. Yes, he defeated the enemy... and yes, he is coming again. For all of these we are eternally grateful! But could it be that there is much much more to his mission? Might we have missed important invitations he has given us to join him in his great work?

Join us in the new series "Reverse" as Jeremy Kughn begins to pour over exciting biblical revelations about what all Jesus came to reverse!



Have you ever wondered where the "wonder" went?  In this new series, Jeremy Kughn and Seth Madaris discuss the wonder of God and what happens when we lose the wonder of our faith.  Join us.

Beautiful Tension

Beautiful Tension

This Christmas Season we begin a new series called Beautiful Tension.  We know that Beautiful moments are often the results of tense situations.  This December we will focus on four of these tensions that become beautiful!  

Follow along with us as we journey together through different stories that offer a different perspective on the birth of Christ!


Let's Be Honest

The Good News of Christ

The Good News of Christ

The resurrection of Jesus means so much more than a man who rose from the dead.  It is the ultimate story of redemption that continues in our every day lives.  In this series we will explore different resurrection narratives that each have their own redemptive message.

Change Your Colors

Introducing our newest series, "Change Your Colors".  This is a series that speaks to many personal issues that people face including racism, personal spirituality (sanctification) and how God actually transforms lives. We hope you'll join us this fall for a series specifically designed to speak to the heart of what it means to have your life changed for the better!


Nothing is more important that understanding who we are, and even Jesus pointed out that you can tell where a man's treasure is, because his heart will be there as well.  This true statement can instantly be used to tell us whether we are committed to the right things, over-committed or even committed at all!  

In this new series, preached by Jeremy Kughn, we will walk through many different facets of life and evaluate them from the angle of what they are worth.  The challenges to live a life that is passionately about Jesus means that this is precisely where our treasure should be.