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Feb 09, 2014

The Story - Chapter 17 "The Kingdom's Fall"

The Story - Chapter 17 "The Kingdom

Preacher: Jeremy Kughn

Series: The Story

Category: Sermons

Keywords: god, the story, old testament


As God's people continue to turn away, the Kingdom of Israel crumbles around them


God's chosen people struggled. They wanted to be like and look like everyone around them. This lead to a constant struggle with Idolatry. 

Today we have a similar struggle. We struggle to put God first and place idols all around our lives. These idols can be things at home, work, or even in our churches. 

Just as focusing on idols caused chaos amongst the Israelites, our idols cause chaos in our lives. God is calling us back to Him and asking for us to place Him in His rightful place.