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Have you ever wanted to further your education in a way that is both convenient and much cheaper?  This just might be your best chance to do so within the walls of your home and Gateway.  Together with Lipscomb University and the Hazelip School of Theology, Gateway Church of Christ is proud to offer those who already have an undergraduate degree specialized Certificates which are described in greater detail below.  Each Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the classes within that certificate.  But here is the greatest news!  Upon accumulation of four Certificates the graduate will be awarded a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM).

Here is how this works.  Below you will see the current list of Certificates offered by Lipscomb through the Hazelip School of Theology (Discipleship & Mission is one for example).  Click on that certificate and a description of the classes and hours it requires to complete those classes will populate.  At the bottom of each certificate there is a button that says "Get Started" which will lead you to Lipscomb University's page that offers even more information as well as ways you can apply and register.

Discipleship & Mission

This certificate will develop competencies in articulating the gospel and identifying one's place in the story of God, appraise ministry contexts and introduce adaptive changes, construct and implement discipling practices, and equip people for missional living.  These are the units in this certificate.  The number following the unit is the number of contact hours (including online learning and activities in the church) require in the unit.

  • Understanding the Story (50 hours):  Learn the narrative story of Scripture and gospel as well as evaluate one's own experience of the gospel and participation in it.  This unit invites learners into the story of the gospel and its meaning.
  • Gospel in Context (150 hours):  Learn to develop a biblical theology living out the gospel in a particular context, learn to engage different ministry contexts, evaluate how we share the gospel in different contexts, and identify as well as participate in practices that promote peace and peacemaking.  This unit invites learners to understand their own context, develop strategies for connecting the gospel to a context, and promote the sharing of the gospel of peace.
  • Missional Leadership (100 hours):  Learn how to evaluate leadership practices, formulate a theology of hospitality, and identify giftedness within the church in order to create opportunities for Spirit-led ministry.  This unit develops how a congregation might develop strategies and practices for growth and health.
  • One-on-One Discipleship (100 hours):  Learn how to create a discipleship strategy and develop skills for communicating the gospel with another person.  This unit leads the learner in the development of disciple-making practices in leading others to commit to the gospel of Jesus.
  • Group Discipleship (50 hours):  Learn to develop the skills for group missional formation as one uses the resources of community, Scripture, and the Spirit in the process of discipling.  This unit will introduce the learner to various strategies, and it will equip the learner to lead Discover Bible Studies.

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Collaborative Leadership

Leadership begins with self-awareness and healthy practices of self-leadership and self-care.  This certificate begins there and moves to the development of interpersonal skills for leading people in a congregation or group setting.  These skills are designed to envision and activate Christian mission.  Leadership is servant-oriented, other-centered, and driven by the mission of God.  This certificate equips learners to create, sustain, and guide ministries rooted in collaboration.

  • Confessional Leadership (100 hours):  Learners will develop a self-awareness of their own leadership and develop a theology of leadership that reflects God's vision for leaders.  This unit emphasizes following God's leadership, empowering others, and opening up our own lives to God's creative grace.
  • Conflict Management (100 hours):  Learners will develop an appreciation for conflict, participate in a model of calm leadership, and practice skills for managing conflicts.  This unit will equip learners to manage conflict in church communities.
  • Working Together (100 hours):  Learners will examine the varied roles within teams, develop listening and responding skills, apply practices for building a team, and create strategies for managing team dynamics.  This unit prepares learners to engage, build, and lead collaborative, high performing, and effective teams for the sake of the health of the church and its ministries.
  • Understanding Ministry Contexts (50 hours):  Learners will learn how to analyze the elements of their own ministry system and facilitate a collaborative outcome with respect to a specific ministry need within a congregation.  This unit will discover a ministry need within the congregation and respond to it.
  • Developing Leaders (100 hours):  Learners will develop skills to recruit volunteers, equip others for meaningful service, and nurture others in the practice of healthy leadership.  This unit will equip learners to develop godly leaders.

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This certificate equips learners with the necessary knowledge and practices for making disciples of Jesus.  This includes actually engaging in personal disciple-making and apprenticing others into disciple-making methods.

  • The Disciple Making Gospel (150 hours):  Learners will learn how to articulate the gospel for the purpose of making disciples and identify practices of disciple making.  Learners will be able to understand and articulate the gospel and engage in specific practices that disciple others into following Jesus.
  • The Disciple Making Process (150 hours):  Learners will identify characteristics of a healthy small group and develop skills to lead it.  This unit will equip learners to create, develop, manage, and multiply discipleship groups.
  • Apprenticing (150 hours):  Learners will identify the characteristics of an apprentice and develop skills for apprenticing another person in disciple making practices.  This unit will equip learners to identify and select an apprentice, develop healthy practices and skills within an apprentice, and release the apprentice to apprentice others.

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Courses Coming Soon
Small Groups (50 hours)
  • Articulate a missional philosophy for small group ministry
  • Develop skills for leading a small group
  • Develop skills for managing a small group ministry
Care for Others (100 hours)
  • Apprentice in care practices
  • Work a recovery process
  • Conduct a care group
Worship (50 hours)
  • Articulate a theology of worship
  • Develop abilities to plan worship events
  • Enhance skills with worship experience technologies