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belonging at gateway

Find Community

Taking the first step in meeting new people can be very intimidating.  We get that.  However, there is no easier way to find your people than choosing to belong to your local church. 


Be Committed

Church membership provides each member with a multitude of ways to serve.  At Gateway, we expect our members to serve as ambassadors of Jesus to the community.


Stay Up To Date

Staying in the know is massively important to just about anyone.  A member receives notifications in many ways from time to time to keep up with what's going on at Gateway.


Receive Care

The most important thing about becoming a member in a local church is it places you under the care and guidance of one of our shepherds, whose job it is to care for you.


ok We're IN... so what's next?

Placing membership at Gateway has never been easier.  The process begins from one of our Sunday worship services.  Just grab a bulletin, find the QR code, and hover over it with your camera.  From there you will be led to sign up for our Next Steps Class.  In that class you'll learn all about Gateway and where you might plug in.  From there, you will receive a card where you can check the box to place membership if you wish.  You will receive a phone call welcoming you and be announced on a following Sunday.

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